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Here's how it works

Simply Insert your favorite Carry Me Babies® doll or pet into the carrier in front of the shirt and away you go. Our t-shirt carriers are great for children who like to carry their precious doll or pet close to their heart and still have the ability to have his or hers hands free to play. 
Parents no longer have to worry about keeping track of their children's favorite doll or pet since Carry Me Babies® has taken over the task of holding their doll or pet in place.  
Another important feature of the design is that it will bring comfort to young children undergoing all kind of transitions. Children will feel reassurance knowing that their doll or pet will be close to them while experiencing changes that everyday life can bring.
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Carry Me Babies
How Carry Me Babies T-shirt carriers work
The varieties of characters were designed with a diverse artistic flair. Designs are culturally sensitive and great effort was implemented to creating names, slogans, or images that are ethnically appropriate.