CarryMeBabies - Wendy Whiner
wendy whiner t-shirt carrier, carry me babies
Wendy Whiner T-Shirt Carrier
Short Sleeves(includes doll)
Price: $24.99
Wendy Whiner T-Shirt Carrier
Long Sleeves (includes doll)
Price: $29.99
Wendy Whiner Doll
Price: $9.00
Wendy Whiner T-Shirt Doll Carrier
Have you Hugged your kid today?
Hi!... My isWendy Whiner, my Birthday is on March 13th
But just encase you forget...... its printed on the back of my T-Shirt :)
Wendy Whiner was created to remind us all... that even though we don't say it all the time, we always need a Hug to get us through the day.
This unique t-shirt carrier features a fully removable huggable Wendy Whiner Doll, in a front doll carrier made of a 100% pre-shrunk purple cotton. Wendy Whiner's name was stitched onto the left sleeve of the t-shirt, complimented by the Carry Me Babies Logo which is also printed on the right sleeve and embroidered on the front of the doll carrier.
A Thoughtful Gift Idea!