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Thank you again and best of luck with your business. I must say that I love your designs and ideas. They are unique and they set you apart from the norm. I truly believe that there are more and more opportunities for people doing things differently and that you can only succeed                      when you are passionate (which you so seemed to be).

                    Please keep us in mind for any returns or re-runs of the ABC T-shirt. We would so love to have                      it. Many thanks.
I'm very satisfied with the website and the service. I've bought two shirts from your company, and, so far, have no complaints. I recommend this site to all of my friends and family. Thanks. - Arthur
It was a pleasure to visit your site, found it on Google. Can’t wait to order some t-shirts for X-Mas gift giving. Thanks. - Ellen
I love this site. I have been looking for something like this to assist me with trips to the grocery store, Now my girls can carry their own dolls and I have a free hand do the shopping.
Thanks for your help. - Lee
Thanks for the tees they are really unique and much loved by my children. - Steven

So far I have made 2 orders from your site . . . and I can't get enough! :) I 
constantly have people asking where I picked them up. I've been thinking about starting my own business for a while, and this has given me inspiration to look into it again.
                     Thank you for everything.
Carry Me Babies T-shrt \\\\\\\\carrier Store
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                                               "Arrived quickly--great service!" - Susan
                                     "Didn’t expect it to arrive that soon. :) thanks." - Trina
                                      "Excellent purchase. No problems what so ever." - Jim
                                "Very professional. Fast delivery, extremely reliable." - Brenda
                                            "Quick... I'll recommend and buy again." - Tanya